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Title: A study of opinion towards school visit and classroom implementing in primary schools of Sankheda taluka in baroda district

Conclusions: 83.33 percentage BRCs revealed teachers of std. 1 to 4 were not use teacher edition.


Title: Vadodara city first year trainees not able of the practical lesson.

Conclusions: Increase content knowledge in the practical lesson. Improve ment in the lesson planning.


Title: A study of effectiveness of training programme of Grammitra(shikshan) in baroda district.

Conclusions: The highest achievement is found 11.17 mean differece of grammitra of waghodia/ padara taluka.



Title: A study of effectiveness of newly recurited vidya shayak training programme in baroda district.
Conclusions: overall achievement of male and female teachers were found 18.20 and 18.35 mean difference.


Title: A study of result of classes vi and vii maths subject examination of trainees of adhyapan mandir with and without books.
Conclusions: No difference was found in the results of examination without books in the case of group A and B.


Title: A study of achievement of class-III environment of baroda district students.
Conclusions:Out of 18 competencies are found as hard competencies.


Title: A study of awareness about sex in PTC college trainees of Vadodara district.
Conclusions: 73.78 percentage female trainees of self finance PTC college 70 percentage female trainees of government and granted PTCs were agree with the statement that ladies were live independently their life.



Title: A study of academic achievement of the Std.V and VI English children of Baroda district.
Conclusions: 66 percentage students were achieved marks between 20 to 29 scores in Std. V



Title: Study of the vocational interest of Vadodara city and rural area of 9th class students.
Conclusions: Take more interest in the music from rural area girls.



Title: To check the Science aptitude of the std. 9th students learning in secondary schools in Vadodara district.
Conclusions: In city area girls have a higher science aptitude than boys learning in 9th students.



Title: To study the achievement of V std students in English subject from Savali taluka in Vadodara district.
Conclusions:45 percentage of students gained A+ grade in the achievement test of English subject.



Title: A study of output of training programmes done by DIET Baroda during the year 2006-07.
Conclusions:Scientific approch,presentation skills developed in primary students.



Title: A study of awareness relating Eco-club activities run in primary school of Dabhoi block of Vadodara district.
Conclusions:100 percentage primary schools has formed clean and pure soil destroy waste and use water.



Title: Creativity development among 1st year trainees –An innovative experiment.



Title: Contribution and problems of Grammitra (shikshan) in terms of universalisation of elementary education- A study.
Conclusions:98.06 percentage Headmasters were agreed towards statementno. 4 and 16 .



Title: A critical study of girls education programmes implemented under sarva shiksha abhiyan mission Vadodara.
Conclusions: In summer camp 30.10 percentage girls successfully took part. The participation of girls have been comparatively low than other programs.


Title: Learning assessment study at lower primary level for quality education in Baroda district.
Conclusions: The overall performance on straight forward question and non-straight forward questions was 50.00 percentage and 44.03 percentage this shows that students are not learning with conceptual clarity



Title: A critical study of Mathematics proficiency teachers teaching at upper primary level in Baroda district.
Conclusions: 70 percentage teachers were not reply the right answer out of 25 items in 18 items.


Title:A study of Std. 3rd EVS 1st semester competency based test construction and standarization.
Conclusions: Final test (cron back Alpha) found o.89 percentage ,which shows the higher relibility of the test.
21 Title:A study of std 3rd EVS 2nd semester competency based test construction and standardization.
Conclusions:The final test reliability value cronback alpha found 0.76 percentage,which shows higher reliability of the test.


Title: A study of Std. VI English 2nd semester competency based test construction and standardization.
Conclusions:The final reliability value cronback Alpha found 0.76 percentage,which shows higher relibility of the test.