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Milestones. (Programs /Activities /News)

(1) PTTI Students Result

       Achieved 90% Result in  Second year  P.T.C.  in the Annual Exam. of 2011-2012 .
       Achieved  90 % Result in  first year  P.T.C.  in the Annual Exam. of 2011-2012   PTTI– 

(2) Science Parkin DIET Campus :

      Innovative Science Park is exist in the DIET campus. Nos. of working models and
      Project are demonstrate in the Science Park. The Students of the visitors schools  and
      other  Institutes can  do the experiments on them own under the guidance of the
      teem of the DIET.

(3) Psycho Lab in DIET :

     At least five experiments related the method of Education and instructions are being 
     done by the Trainees under the guidance of the lecturers of the psychology  subject. 
     Trainees  of   diet  uses Psycho  lab  regularly.

(4) Campus  Development :

     Sports Ground is created in the DIET Campus and the facilities are made available
     for Volley ball, Kho-kho, Cricket, Carom, Chess,  etc.  Different kinds  of Trees and 
     Flower  Plants  are grown in the Aushadh Park. In this park so many  Plants  are 
     useful for  medicine  such like a  Neem, Ambla, Ardushi,  Tulshi,  Alowera, etc. 
     They are  regularly  watering by the DIET Team and the soil is also cultivated time to
     time. Tree  Plantation   Programmed   was  held   on1st  September  2005.Mass  
     cleaniness   programme  was   also organized  every  15  days  by trainees   to
     developed  the  values  of  cleaniness.
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(5) Prayers  Programme :

     The  P.T.C Trainees doing Prayer in different  Languages such like a  Gujarati,  Hindi 
     etc. We started   our   Prayer   programme   with   Ghadiyagan,   Dhyan ,  Slok gan   (
     Text   book  of  Sanskrit  std-6 & 7 ) Prayer  Bhajan, Dhun , Action  Song,  Quation,
      Peom Song, Day Special,  News Reading, Drama, Story  telling , Book  rievew (
      Every  satury  day.) etc. are included in  the Prayer assembly.
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(6) Programmes for All :

     We are doing all the programmes like  Praveshotsava,  Ramatotsava,  Cultural 
     Programmes, Drama, etc. United with all PTTI of District of  Vadodara
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(7) Celebration of Special Days :

      Birth day of Trainees and DIET  Staff, World  AIDS  Day,  World  Environment 
      Day, World Literacy Day, World Population Day, Teachers Day, Hindi Day etc
      Celebrated by DIET - Vadodara.
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(8) Celebration of  Festival  :

     Republic Day, Holi Festival, Janmastmi Festival, Independence Day,  Diwali, etc
     Celebrated by DIET – Vadodara
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(9)Competitions :

     Song Competition, Essay Competition, Painting Competition, Elocution Competition,  
     Sports  Competition, Debate Competition etc. is held by DIET  Vadodara.
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(10) Highlights  of  Training Programmes   2005-2006 :

    In service teachertraining  :-
  • CRC  coordinators   Quality  package  of  South  zone (109)
  • Vidhya  Sahayak  RPs  Training  (32)
  • Vidhya  Sahayak  Mts  Training  (93)
  • Vidhya  Sahayak  ( newly  appointed  teachers )  (1736)
  • Reading , writing, Numerical  skill  enhancement  ( 442)
  • Software  Development  for  std.  5 to 7
  • SRG- exam( 219)
  • Orientation  Programme  for  RPs ( 32)
  • Achievement  Test  Paper  (226)
  •  Half  Yearly  Exam  Question  paper  construction (92)
  •  Resource Person orientation programme based on GAP-4 Hardpoints
  • Hard spot Pathdarshika std.5th to7th (S.S.,Sc., Maths, Hindi, English, P.H.E.   Gujarti.)
  • Action Research Training programme for teachers(Dist/corp.)
  • Quality  Package  training  programme  Cohort  Analysis  for  Chotaudepur Taluka.
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    Training  programs  under  EDN-12 Scheme :-
  • CRC coordinators  Quality  Package  ( 199)
  • SRG-  Selection  Workshop  for  Hindi ( 116)
  • SRG-  Science  Exploser  visit  (48)
  •  Feed back & Monitoring  of  std-3 ENV Text  book ( Tryout)
  •  Content  Based  Training  for  teachers  of  ashram  shala
  •  Material development workshop based on GAP-4 Hardpoints
   Training  Programs  under  SSA  scheme :
  •   Four-  one  day  training.
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(11) Maths and Science Unit :

        D.I.E.T arranged 216 Maths-Science Exhibition at C.R.C. Level, achievement is
       100%, than arranged 12 Block Level Exhibition, arranged 08 Shala  Vikas  Sankul 
       Level  Exhibition for Secondary and Higher Secondary Students, and also arrange
       maths-science exhibition at the corporation level for the primary schools in the city 
       Vadodara. Participation  and  Guidance in  Maths-Science   Exhibition  for  P.T.C.
       students,   Planning, Manage and Arrange District Level Maths-Science Exhibition 
       for  Primary  and Secondary and Higher Secondary Students, Actively involvement
        in State Level Maths-Science Exhibition.
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(12) Science Experiments :

       All Experiments of Standard 5 to 7 Science have  done in the laboratory, Science
       Lecturer demonstrate experiment at first  and than all Trainees of Second Year
       P.T.C. do the Experiment them selves, Some Experiment is Demonstrate in Practice
       Teaching.  Some subjective training programmed science experiments also
       demonstrate to the primary teachers.
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(13) GAP-4 –year 2004-05 :-

 Overall achievement of the students is 54.83 percentage.

 (14) Fortnight Revision : (punaravlokan pakhavadiu)

   Revision of the basic concepts in the beginning (15 days) for the students of Std. 3 to 7.
      (1) With a view to increase different skills such as Writing, Listening, speaking
            understanding  the revision of key subjects maths & gujarati is essential & then
            quality enhancement can  be done.
      (2) To improve the standard of education
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(15)  Saptarshi :

      (1) Simplification of the hard spots of all the subjects of std-7
      (2) To give the training to the teachers of std-7 for there content’s
      (3) To teach revision of all the subjects
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(16)Reading, Writing & Calculating skills  abhiyan:

      (1) To increase the skills of reading, writing & calculating
      (2) Attempts to improve the low achiever students which was done in the initial 10
            days for the std 3 to 7.
      (3) Optimistic results were achieved in std 3 to 7 by using Reading, Writing ,Speaking
            & Listening skill in Gujarati  & Calculating skill in maths
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(17) Shakshardeep:

       (1) Attempts were made to increase literacy in the villages there  the rate of literacy
             less then 20 percentage.
       (2) All the teachers  &  Trainee  teachers  of  Baroda  District Co-operated  in   the   
             Programmes  with  their  efforts   programme  got  success.
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(18)  The  race  of  long  distance  :-  

       (1) With  a  view  to  awaken  the  people  the  race  of  long  distance  was 
            organized  on  11th  July  the  World  population   day.
       (2) Secondary  students  &  the  trainees  of  PTC  took  parts  in  it  with  real
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(19)  School  Adolescence  Education  Programme :-

       (1) Different  activities  were  organized  to  develop  the  education  of  adolescence 
             in  the  secondary  and  Higher  secondary  schools  of  Baroda   District  as  Pilot 
       (2) This   pilot  Project  was  taken  for  the  Students  of  std.9 only.  
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(20)  World  Aids  Day :- 

       (1) The  celebration  of  world  Aids  Day  on  1st  December  in  different secondary 
            &  higher  secondary  school  and  PTC  colleges  also.
       (2) To  arrange  rallies  for  social  awareness  rallies.
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(21)  Maha  Safai  Din  :- 

       (1) The  cleanliness  programme  was  organized  in  different  Primary  School & 
            PTC colleges  of  the  District  on  30th  January  the  death  anniversary o
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(22)  Children   Fair :-  

       (1) Total  217  CRC  levels  children  fairs  were  organized  with  the  help  of
             District Education   committee.
       (2)  Different  activities  were  organized  to  develop  the  hidden  talents  of  the
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(23) Vyasan  Mukti  Abhiyan  :-

       (1)  Different  activities  were  organized  with  the  help  of  the  students  of  PTC 
              college  for   removing  the  different  drug  on  the  2nd  October.
       (2)  The  rally  was  organized  for  social  awakening.
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(24) Life  Skill  Education :-

       (1)  The  training  was  given  to  the   teachers  teaching  in  std  3  to  7.
       (2) The  children  leant  different  skills  with  the  help  of  education  and  realized  it.
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(25) Anand  shala  Project :-

       (1) To  create  the  pleasant  atmosphere  in   school.
       (2) To  create  Educations  &  Humanistic  atmosphere  by  enriching  the physical 
            condition of  school.
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(26) Praveshotsav :-

        (1) For  giving  the  name  shala  Praveshotsav  is  to  be  organized.
        (2) Creation  of  pleasant  atmosphere  in  the  school  is  essential  for  the children 
             to come  freely  & pleasantly.
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(27)   Training  to  the  Sarpanch :-

        (1) With  a  view  to  create  educational  environment training  was  given   to  the 
             woman sarpanch.
        (2)  they  can  contribute  in  fulfilling   100%  literacy  camp again.
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(28) Broad Casting Programme :- 

       (1)  Children  stories, festivals &  songs
       (2)  Saksharta  deep  ni  Safalta
       (3)  Zingal