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  • To develop collaboration with concerned staff of the diet and other resource persons, simple ,effective and low cost teaching aids for various subjects/areas related to elementary education and elementary teacher education . charts, diagrams, models, photographs, slides, audio tapes, play-scripts, songs etc.
  • To help the DRU in developing low cost teaching aids as above ,for adult and non formal education.
  • To maintain the (i) all A.V equipments of the institute (ii) computer lab (iii) A display area for good, low cost teaching aids developed in house as well as else where, and (iv) A library of educational video/audio cassettes and if the institute has a film projector of films
  • To lend slides ,cassettes and films to institutions having planning / projection facilities and to borrow them from other resource centers.
  • To lease nearly radio station for arranging educational broadcasts suitable for elementary school children AE/NFE learners, teachers/instructors etc.
  • To conduct appropriate in-service programmes for teachers in the area of ET, with special emphasis on (i) effective utilization of educational broadcasts ,telecasts ,cassettes and aids (ii) development of simple ,low cost teaching aids.


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